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November 5, 2012

The Salter Family, and especially Meghan, would like to thank each and every one of you, for the heartfelt cards sent for her 10th birthday!  Meghan received a few hundred birthday cards throughout the month of October.  We were so overwhelmed and excited each day to open and read the cards that arrived!  So many of you took the time from your busy schedules to acknowledge Meghan's life.  It may have seemed like a simple gesture to send a card to a bed ridden girl that can't even open her own cards with her tiny little hands--but that is so far from the truth!  Meghan's siblings took turns holding her hands to "help" her open each envelope.  This was such a humbling experience to watch.  Meghan smiled so much, it brought tears of joy to our faces.  We would like to especially thank the children of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School, St Anastasia Catechism classes and Our Lady of the Snows Sunday School classes for all the hand-made cards for Meghan---absolutely precious!  Most of these children were close to Meghan's age, which was so much more powerful to us.

As we reflect back 10 years, many mixed emotions flood our minds.  Our family spent extra time this month reflecting on Meghan's 10 years of life.  I remember the anticipation of bringing home a new baby girl--so thankful that God had chosen us to accept yet another beautiful child into our home!  A few weeks after Meghan's birth our joyful hearts turned into sheer panic and unbelievable sadness.  How was it that baby Meghan was hospitalized for weeks and months at a time?  This was incomprehensible!   Meghan's tiny body was slowing down, her energy was so low, that she could no longer eat or cry out loud.  Oh, to be in such despair of shattered hearts!  Almost simultaneously, as we asked for prayers, rosaries were being said locally, and then from all over the world.  Prayer groups were formed. People we didn't even know were fasting and going to visit Jesus in Eucharistic Chapels.  Meals were delivered to our home.  People came together to help us, pray for us and support us in all kinds of ways.  The women from the Divine Child Christian Service group began preparing meals are still serving our family dinners twice a week!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for serving us with this outpouring of love!

As weeks, months and years have passed by, we have learned to pour out all that we have, and trust God in a way we had never been asked to before.  Oh, so many times I thought my heart would stop beating from watching Meghan become so frail.  It took much prayer, sometimes flat on my face.  Prayer that begged God for her healing.  Pleading with God....I have so many intimate prayers that are held privately in my heart.  Healing came, not physically, but spiritually. Meghan was Baptized, received her First Holy Communion, Confirmation and has received the Anointing of The Sick numerous times. God continues to pour out His gifts of peace, wisdom and love.  He has never abandoned us, even at our weakest, most vulnerable points.  Meghan is beautiful and filled with great joy and passion in her sweet heart!

One important message I have always wanted to convey, was that God has not failed the Salter Family, as some people have suggested.  No, God has taught us and gently guided us with compassion. Most years, we would celebrate her birthday thinking it may be her last.  But thanks to your 10 years of prayers, cards, encouragement, masses, and holy hours offered for Meghan, this birthday was just a pure celebration of Meghan's LIFE, a beautiful LIFE indeed! 

We had a very special visiter come to meet Meghan in October.  Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo, who passed away from a court ordered dehydration in March 2005, came to our home and spent a few hours visiting with us!  Please take time to visit this incredible website at lifeandhope.com. 

We ask that you to continue to pray for Meghan, as she will be undergoing back surgery on November 7th at 7:00 am. 

Please take a minute and view Meghan's 10th birthday party pictures by clicking here. 

May God Bless you all.

Mike and Ellen Salter

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