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January 3 , 2013

Dear Friends,

As you know, in early November, Meghan had spinal surgery to extend her "growing rods." Since then, she has had complications recovering from the surgery. These complications have resulted in her being hospitalized six of the past eight weeks. Each week, she seems to make progress with her recovery, then new set backs occur. Although Meghan wants to go home, she continues to battle through it all and gives us an occasional smile and giggle (especially when Lauren, Michael and Shannon visit and give her all the attention!) Lauren, Michael and Shannon have been heroic, never complaining about spending each evening at the hospital with Meghan. Meghan lights up when they arrive and their presence really gives Meghan a spiritual boost. Please keep Lauren, Michael and Shannon in your prayers, as it is not easy seeing a ten year old sibling endure the medical challenges that Meghan endures.

As you can imagine, this has been a very stressful couple months for our family, but our primary concern is getting Meghan better and home as soon as possible. One of us holds vigil by Meghan's side 24/7 to make sure she is comfortable and being well cared for. Our family spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Meghan's bedside and felt the Divine Child's presence in our lives more so than any previous Christmas around a Christmas tree. We thank Jesus for the gift of life, healing and peace.

We ask for your continued prayers for Meghan and our entire family, as we will continue to pray each day/night, with Meghan, for all of you.

In Him,
Mike and Ellen


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