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October 8, 2003

Meghan has been home now for 5 weeks today.  Since then, she has not had any significant improvements to report.  She is still unable to move her arms, but is moving her legs from time to time.  When she is awake, Meghan still does not track or focus her eyes.  Still, Ellen and I think she is more aware of things happening around her, because at times, she turns her head toward the sound of our voices. 

We are still hopeful that her inability to move is a result of the high levels of anti-seizure medicines in her blood stream and not a result of brain damage caused by the seizure.  We will not know that answer for a while because the neurologist’s plans are to keep her on high doses of medicine for an indefinite amount of time to curb the chance of another seizure.  Meghan’s blood medicine levels were taken last week and the seizure medicine levels remain over four times the maximum amount for a child her size/age (enough to render a 250 pound man unable to move or breathe).  The good part is that her liver enzymes were in the normal level, so her liver is working efficiently and is still in good condition.

Meghan’s first birthday is next week.  Despite her set backs, she continues to be our miracle baby and continues to defy the odds.  In Thanksgiving for her life and for her continued healing, we are asking everyone that reads this to join us in a day of prayer and fasting on Meghan’s birthday—October 16th.   You may ask, “How do I appropriately fast?  Does it take deep prayer, meditation, preparation, etc?”  When I posed this question to Fr. John Ricardo, his answer was quite simple: “Don’t put food in your mouth.”  That is simple enough!  All we ask is that you fast and pray in Thanksgiving for Meghan’s life and continued healing…this is the greatest birthday gift anyone can give to her.  Please tell everyone you know about this fast day for Meghan.  We want to storm heaven with prayer and fasting!  Thank you all in advance for heeding this call to action.

Ellen, Lauren, Michael, Shannon, Meghan and I want to send a special thank you to the Make A Wish foundation that has granted Meghan a very special wish.  Make A Wish will be sponsoring Meghan’s first birthday party on October 18th.  The party will be held on our street, Claremont, between Emerson and Mohawk.  There will be plenty of activities for the kids, food, drinks and lots of fun.  It’s Meghan’s way of saying to her family and friends, “Thank you for your love and support.”  Ellen and I are blessed to have such wonderful neighbors that are allowing us to use the street to host this party…thank you Claremont neighbors!

God bless you all and thank you for fasting on Meghan’s birthday.

Mike and Ellen

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