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September 28, 2004

Meghan is still in the hospital due to a whole new set of circumstances.  When taken to the hospital last Thursday morning, Meghan's fever was due to a "strep" infection in her lungs and blood, as well as a urinary infection caused by e-coli.  Both of these bugs have been eradicated and Meghan's vital signs have temporarily stabilized.

In the meantime, somehow the presence of "yeast" has been detected in Meghan's port.  It is very puzzling because only one of three cultures grew the yeast.  We wondered how only one of three could be positive in detecting yeast?  The Infectious Disease (ID) doctor's informed us that even if one yeast cell were picked placed into the culture, it would grow and be detected.  They said this could become very serious if Meghan's port is not surgically removed.  We asked if the culture could be a "false positive" since only one culture grew the yeast.  They told us that these tests are so accurate that there really is no such thing as a false positive...they said "if it grows in the culture, it is in her blood".  Although yeast can be eradicated with drugs, as long as the port-a-cath is in place, the yeast has a home to grow and thrive-without worry of being harmed by the drugs.  Much to our chagrin, Meghan will likely have surgery to remove the port within the next day or two.  The ID docs said that once the port is gone, the yeast will have no home to hide in and the drugs will kill it after several treatments.  That port has been a blessing to us for the past year, now Meghan will be back to square one with multiple needle pokes to look forward
to with every visit to the hospital.

Meghan is at another critical point in her life.  Ellen and I are very nervous, as Meghan is very weak and frail.  Surgery will take its toll on her for sure and may take quite some time to recover from.  Please pray for Meghan and for our family.  I'll update everyone as new information arises.

God bless,


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