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July 1 , 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope you are all having a blessed summer!  First of all, we would like to congratulate Audrey Summers, producer, writer and director of “Stories of Faith Meghan’s Miracle.”  Audrey won an Emmy award for excellence in Religious Programming for the broadcast would wide on EWTN and CTND.  This 30 minute documentary focuses on the respect for all human life and the incredible gift of joy Meghan brings to the world.  The show can be viewed on Meghan’s website at www.meghansmiracles.com.  It will also replay this week on CTND.  See the home page for airtime details.

Meghan’s life is such a blessing!  Now that we have beautiful weather, Meghan is able to spend a great deal of time outside!  This is one of her greatest joys!  She smiles as big as humanly possible as we walk the neighborhood, and spend a great amount of time on our back porch which is loaded with beautiful flowers for Meghan to see and smell!  This is where we pray, read scripture, talk to Jesus and of course taste popsicles and ice cream!  This is treasured time for sure.  What a joy that simply resting on the back porch can be!

 Of course Meghan waits all winter long to finally join her family at Mass every Sunday!  We love to see the immeasurable joy on her beautiful face as we push her chair into church!  Awe…. To be in the true presence of our Lord!  Not only does she show us her exuberant smiles the entire Mass, she makes a sweet sound of joy to be with the Lord can be heard from this simple little girl who never takes Mass for granted!  Thank you Jesus!

We have for various reasons postponed Meghan’s surgery until the fall. It will be sometime after her 10th birthday which is October 16th.  It is hard to comprehend that God has already given us 10 years with this beautiful little soul.  This is the first time in several years that Meghan has not had to endure spine surgery every six months.  We are so grateful and relieved for this break.

Lastly, I have been given the incredible honor to proclaim the God given gift of every life at some recent speaking engagements.  I have spoken to the pro-life group at Marian High School, the CCD classes at Saint Anastasia in Troy, and four Right to Life of Michigan pro-life dinners.  After speaking to the youth at St. Anastasia, the children so badly wanted to meet Meghan.  I promised to return with her and our whole family.  When we arrived they gave Meghan a standing ovation which put our family in tears.  They had signs, balloons, gifts and they sang to her.  Meghan was all smiles!  We left with grateful hearts and hopefully changed their lives forever!  Thank you St Anastasia Parish for reaching out to Meghan and celebrating the gift of Life!

Mike and I also recently spoke as a couple at the annual Cana Dinner at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Plymouth.  We have been marriage and pro-life speakers for eight years and because Meghan’s story continues to draw everyone a little closer to the Lord.  We give Him all the glory for everything! 

God bless each one of you.  Take time each day to thank God for even the simplest of gifts and the gift of grace to endure all of your suffering and through it all, receive peace!

The Salter Family
Mike, Ellen, Lauren, Michael, Shannon, Meghan

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