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May 14, 2003

This week marks the beginning of Meghan’s third consecutive month at Mott Children’s Hospital.  To us, this journey seems much longer than that. 

Late last week, Meghan was reassigned to the rehab doctors.  This is a major step, because the rehab team will prepare Meghan—and us—for her discharge from the hospital.  They anticipate that she could be ready to go home sometime in June.  The medical equipment provider inspected our home and determined that we need to upgrade our electrical wiring in the family room to accommodate Meghan and her extensive medical equipment.  This must be done before the hospital will discharge her.  Nevertheless, we are very excited with the prospect that our family can soon spend each day at home together again!

Meghan has gained well over one pound in the past week!  This is the best progress in the weight gain area to date.  Hopefully, she can keep up this momentum and get closer to her optimum weight.  Additionally, she will gain strength as she gains weight.

Unfortunately, not all the news was positive this past week.  The pediatricians were concerned about Meghan not having enough wet diapers.  They ruled out dehydration, because she showed no other indications.  Their main concern was Meghan’s bladder was not purging completely due to her weakened muscle condition.  They said that this condition could lead to a bladder or kidney infection.  To avoid infection, Meghan may have to take antibiotics for 12 months or more…Just one more thing to worry about.  The neurologist stated that her bladder control should return completely as her muscles regain strength.

Overall, Meghan continues to be alert and happy.  Her personality is really starting to develop with plenty of smiles for family, friends and medical personnel alike!  We have been playing on the floor with her the past few days.  It gives her a different perspective than constantly being in her hospital bed. 

If you have an opportunity, please stop by Rio Bravo in Dearborn this weekend.  Get details by clicking on the Rio Bravo logo on the home page.

Please continue to pray for Meghan and our entire family.  Your prayers strengthen Meghan while strengthening us all.  Thank you and God bless you!

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