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May 7, 2003

Ellen and I are still flying high from the Saturday night “Meghan’s Miracles Dinner Dance”.  We are so appreciative of the time, energy, talents, and generous donations from everyone that was involved with the event.  There were many tears, hugs, smiles, laughs, and memories shared that beautiful evening.  The food, hall, decorations, emcee, band(s), signs, auction, video presentation, organization, and preparation were all first class.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all for an extremely uplifting event.  We thank God daily for such great parents, families, friends, neighbors and Church community. 

Since the last update, Meghan has done very well.  She has been tolerating continuous feeds very well.  Thus, she has gained a few ounces since last week.  The medical experts claim that next to breathing properly, the most important indication of Meghan’s health (and her ability to come home) is her weight gain.  Since her G-Tube was placed, there have been a few times when Meghan threw up, not because she was sick, but because there was too much air in her stomach.  The air gets into her stomach because there is a small “air leak” around her trachea.  The air leaks down her esophagus and gets trapped in her stomach.  We believe we have isolated how/why this is happening and can now, generally, thwart her from vomiting by extracting the air from stomach in a timely fashion. 

Last week, the RT Supervisor outfitted Meghan’s stroller with a ventilator, a battery, a suction machine, and all the necessary supplies needed for “on the go” (extra trachea supplies, emergency bag, etc).  On Sunday, Ellen, Lauren, Michael, Shannon and I took Meghan for her first EVER family walk!  Granted, the walk was only through Mott Hospital, but it was a walk nevertheless!  We are really looking forward to our summer walks around the block and in the park.

The most difficult part of the past week has been my return to work.  I had spent the majority of the past 12 weeks with Meghan, so not seeing her daily is very difficult on me.  This is tough on Ellen and the other children, as well.  Ellen is now spending every weekday and weeknight at the hospital with Meghan.  She is very tired from little or no sleep.  Whenever someone visits Ellen, she is uplifted!  So, please feel free to visit her and Meghan at the hospital.

We ask for your continued prayers for Meghan and our family.  Please take a moment right now to pray for her complete restoration of health.  God bless you all!

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