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April 15, 2007

As you may know from previous updates, Meghan will be undergoing major back surgery this week.  This surgery, called “posterior spinal fusion,” is necessary because Meghan’s breathing is becoming compromised by her severe scoliosis.  Although we tried to hold off on surgery as long as possible because of Meghan’s weak condition, the curvature of Meghan’s spine began accelerating to the point that we had to make this very difficult decision.  Meghan is receiving spinal fusion surgery now before her breathing becomes so compromised that surgery would become a life threatening surgery. 

The spinal fusion surgery will occur on Wednesday morning, April 18th at Mott Hospital and is estimated to take six hours.  The recovery will require a minimum of six nights in the hospital.  Meghan’s back will be straightened with “growing rods” which will allow surgeons to extend the fusion rods every six months to “grow” with Meghan.  This should keep her back straight and allow her lungs to expand to normal volumes.  A great big “THANK YOU!” goes out to family and friends that donated blood for Meghan’s surgery.

Please keep Meghan, the surgeons, nurses, hospital staff and our entire family in your prayers this week.  Please pass this request along to everyone you know so we can storm heaven seeking His healing, peace and mercy.  We will update Meghan’s website each day after her surgery to alert everyone of her condition.

In Him,

The Salter Family

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