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April 7, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

A blessed Divine Mercy Sunday to you all….Jesus I trust in You!

Meghan is doing absolutely magnificent!  Spring weather is finally here!  We look forward to spending most of our time outside because Meghan has been indoors all winter.  So, today we were able to take Meghan to Mass for the first time this year, which happens to be Divine Mercy Sunday…No small coincidence!  We promised her last night that the weather was going to be beautiful and she was going to be able to attend Mass in the morning!  Her smiles of delight expressed the joy she immensely exuberates! We had Meghan all dressed up in a flowered dress with little white tights and a necklace from her sister Shannon that reads “beautiful.”  Meghan smiled with delight as we drove to church, entered and took our usual seat.  Meghan was with the Lord…Alleluia!  Many people came up to Meghan to welcome her back to church after a long winter of not seeing her.  We have posted pictures of Meghan at Divine Child Church…you can view the pictures by clicking here.

The last update we wrote was after Meghan had spent much time in the hospital.  Last month she was admitted for another four days with the flu.  It was short lived and we were able to come back home quickly. 

Meghan continues to do extremely well every day.  How does a little girl who seems so stripped down of many earthly wants, have so much joy?  She smiles all day long.  This internal joy comes from truly knowing Jesus. She has freedom in the truest sense of the word.  She is free from sin, a cluttered mind or needs beyond prayer and being surrounded by family that loves her beyond words.  As we rejoice in Christ rising from the dead may we all experience His unending, unfailing, merciful love for each of us!!

Well, Meghan sure had an exciting visit with a very special new friend last Holy Saturday!  A very sweet young lady, Maddie Bastin, who currently attends 8th grade at Our Lady of Good Council School in Plymouth MI., came to visit Meghan for the very first time!  Maddie had heard about Meghan, a little girl just 20 minutes from her home, who is touching the hearts of many through her love and devotion to God.  Maddie wanted to do something special for Meghan—as a Christian Service Project for her Confirmation prep! During a school event, and six Parish fish fries during Lent, Maddie put out hand-made posters and collected pop cans and donations for our little Meghan.  So many people stopped and talked to Maddie about her mission.  I imagine many people were in awe of Maddie and her outreaching of love to someone who she had never met!  Maddie and her family, including her parents Tom and Susan and her sister Hannah, came over with our dear friends John and Mary Lockwood who originally told Maddie about how the Lord is working through Meghan. 

Maddie was on a mission and raised funds which exceeded three goals that she had set for herself.  What a generous heart she has!  Maddie is obviously filled with the love of Jesus, and pours this love from her heart to the hearts of others.  On behalf of Meghan and our entire family, thank you to Maddie and the entire Bastin family!  

May God bless you today and always.

The Salter Family

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