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April 7, 2008

Happy Easter Season! 

We pray everyone had a blessed Lenten season!  May we rejoice in the fact that Jesus Christ is risen!

Meghan Marie Therese has had a winter full of love!  We have spent these cold months spending enormous amounts of time with our children. The winter gives us more time indoors enjoying each others company.  Meghan has spent many hours a day in our arms – which is healing for all of us.  Meghan has again stayed out of the hospital this winter except for a few appointments!  With all of Meghan’s medical challenges, staying out of the hospital is a blessing beyond words.  Although she has stayed out of the hospital, she has had several small colds, a few low grade fevers, bad allergies and days where she seemed quite uncomfortable.  The rods on her spine shifted a little a few months ago and we noticed that something was not right in her back—as we know every inch of her body so well.  We immediately took her in for an x-ray which concluded that the rods had shifted, but the hooks were still attached to her ribs, where they belong.  The cause for this shift we learned is that sweet Meghan has grown in length beyond the adjustment of the last rod lengthening surgery.  Thus, the main reason for this update is to ask for your prayers, once again.

Our little Meghan is scheduled for spine surgery on April 14th (which was re-scheduled from the 7th).  That surgery will take place at U of M Mott Hospital, and will be similar to the one 6 months ago. The rods in her back will be lengthened to make up for her growth and to straighten her back. We will not know the surgery time until the Friday before, but she will probably be scheduled for 6:00 a.m.  Her 4 hour pre- surgery appointment was last week.  It seemed to re-open the wounds in our hearts.  Walking through those hospital doors never ceases to remind us of the excruciating suffering and sacrifices that have taken place there.  Please pray for our family as we once again face this impending day.  This surgery will again help Meghan to breathe with more ease.  After recovery, she will sit up straighter and be more comfortable to enjoy yet another nice warm summer spent outdoors where she loves to be.  She will be able to sit up in her chair longer and feel God’s hand in the nature that will surround her.  We are counting down the days until she can take those walks outside.  I look forward to spending our days on the back porch reading our daily scripture together!

Let every breath, all that I am, never cease to worship you, my Lord and my God!

God Bless You,
Ellen, Mike, Lauren, Michael, Shannon and Meghan    

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