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March 23, 2005

Dear Family and Friends,

We realize it has been quite some time since our last update on Meghan and our family, and we apologize greatly.  First, we thank you for all your love and support you so devotedly give to our family.  We honor all of you for your gracious efforts and for not forgetting us in the midst of your busy lives.  A most grateful thank you to all who have continued to make our meals for us and assist us with household duties even after such a long time has passed.  We could never thank you enough.  How fortunate we are to spend our time fostering God’s love to His/our children.  We feel privileged to have so many fine individuals on our side. 

Well, Meghan is almost 2 ½ years old and weighs 33 lbs.  She has really grown.  Lauren, Michael and Shannon all spend an enormous amount of time deciding who gets to hold her, pick out her clothes, brush her long blond, incredibly curly hair, lay with her, and kiss her—but most of all pray with her.  What a gift from God for us to watch our children pray with this very special child of God.  Yes, a gift, a most precious gift.  Imagine this scene for a moment.  Just imagine, and now you will know where our joy comes from.  I wish all of you could experience this gift.  You most certainly can, just put yourself at the foot of the cross, and look into His eyes.  Be with our creator as he gives his life for us.  Then flash back to our children cradled around Meghan as she carries her cross and unites it for redemption.  Grateful are we who care for His weakest ones.  Meghan is truly smothered by their unconditional love.  God has showered them with gifts of love and knowledge of life that many of us will never experience.  Please pray for Lauren, Michael and Shannon as they go through their own struggles.

Meghan has been home since October!!  She is so radiant and very willing to give those who visit a smile.  She loves to be held, kissed and told how beautiful she is all day long.  We read to Meghan, sing songs, watch mass on TV, and go for rides in her chair around the house.  Her face lights up when we pray, she most definitely knows the name Jesus and Blessed Mary.  She almost always falls asleep during the rosary.  I am sure she is resting in our Lady’s arms and basking her peace.  She loves balloons and suckers.  One of her favorite things to do is to go outside, so we are anxious to have that dream come true again for her and hopefully have a summer spent outdoors.

It is my prayer for all who read this to be inspired by her life and do what it takes to stand on God’s side and respect all life.  Meghan, as with all life, is precious.  In this culture of death may we all pray to become a culture of life.  Meghan is a gift to us and we are forever humbled by our God.  She may never move, breathe or eat on her own, but by the grace of God she will move our hearts closer to Him if we simply ask.  Let her dedication to Christ be an example of humbling ourselves and allowing God to do His work through us.  Meghan has brought many of us to our knees, church, Eucharistic adoration and closer to our creator than one could possibly imagine.  Let her suffering fulfill our need to continually keep our face on God.  Especially during this Holy week, unite our life and love for our “little ones” and all life.  As this precious life suffers for redemption, let our hunger for God keep us tight in His arms.  Please know that the Salter family is praying for each of you, as we humbly ask for your continued prayers.  Mike has been very dedicated and has written all of the updates for Meghan.  I will admit that I was not sure how to open my heart to all of you.  I hope in some way my writings will help you embrace life. 

God’s blessings,


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