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February 05, 2018

Whether or not you know Meghan’s journey or are just learning about this little disciple of Christ, you are sure to be inspired and inevitably fall in love more deeply with Jesus as a result.

When Meghan was little, Mike very often wrote medical letters to keep family and friends updated on medical information. Mike was diligent and capable of thinking clearly. I could barely speak, so in no way was I able to function beyond prayers. At some point I was able to open up and share intimate happenings about our dear little Meghan and how Jesus was using our family to be disciples of Christ. Feel free to read earlier updates on Meghan’s website. In recent years, I have neglected such writings. First of all, they take time. Second of all, and more importantly, it is always easy to share our joys but extremely difficult for me to open up my heart to share areas where I’m broken. The goal of such letters is for you to enter more deeply into the passion of Christ.

Meghan turned 15 years old on 10.16.17. Our family marvels at God’s work through the life of Meghan. Most recently, Meghan endured 23 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. I will be honest, it was heartbreaking. As always, we never left her bedside. Numerous medical specialists came in to visit Meghan. It was a joy to see her doctors that we have not seen in several years, as Meghan has remained free of admissions for 5 years! They expressed personal joy at seeing her. Thank you to Mike for being such a pillar of strength for our family. He, without exception, puts Jesus first by pointing others to our Lord. We joined him as he led our family in prayer and watched him as he knelt down to pray with other fathers suffering with their own child’s illness. He also made sure every doctor and nurse that walked in the room knew of our prayers for them. This is an authentic man of God! I quietly prayed and made certain that our family was surrounded by God’s grace.  Lauren, Michael and Shannon spent an enormous amount of time at Meghan’s bedside praying, singing, entertaining, kissing her and making sure she knew in a very palpable way how much she was loved!

One night, Meghan became extremely critical. We all surrounded Meghan, holding her hands, hugging her, kissing her and encouraging her in her work for Christ. After many tears, in the wee hours of the night, Meghan stabilized and feel asleep. At this moment, Jesus gave me a glimpse of His love as He always does. It was the most beautiful sight, as I basked in the love of Jesus!  Here it was, the middle of a cold winter night, only days from Christmas, gathering around our youngest family member who was in great need.  I experienced one of the most incredible sights my eyes have ever rested upon.  The room became quiet. Mike [who never seemed to sleep] Lauren, Michael and Shannon rested in God’s peace. Lauren and Shannon fell asleep, sharing a chair, blanket and pillow. Michael in another chair and Mike in yet another. I stood at Meghan’s side in this room watching and praying over the family God has blessed me with. I was again crying but with great joy, as I pondered my abundant blessings. I experienced such joy, peace and grace from my Lord, as I thanked Him for the gifts that He has bestowed on our family.

Meghan’s work on this earth is clearly not complete. We continue to hold gratitude in our hearts as were once again able to bring Meghan back home to save more souls through the gifts God is bestowing on her little life. Meghan as you know is unable to breathe, eat, speak or move on her own.  Most of you can, so use your God given gifts to defend all life, including those not physically “perfect”. Thank you for all of your prayers. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests by emailing us through meghansmiracles.com. We will be sure to read all prayer requests to our dear Meghan. This girl loves to pray and we know that the Lord is working through her in a mighty way! Believe me when I say that Meghan spends most days smiling and is as joyful as she can be. She knows only love and that she is the daughter of the King! Be encouraged by the love of Christ. Know that each of you remain in our prayers.

I have had the honor to be a pro-life speaker for the past 13 years. I have most recently been accepted by the Catholic Speakers Organization to increase my opportunities to share Meghan’s incredible journey and to intentionally bring you into the heart of Christ. My full speaking profile can be viewed by visiting catholicspeakers.com.

In His Love,

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