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January 21, 2017

Our apologies for the gap of time it has been since the last update on Meghan. Somehow, time slips away and before you realize, the next season in life has begun. Meghan has remained fairly healthy with no hospitalizations since January, 2013.    

Meghan is doing extremely well!  Her face just lights up with every kiss and hug because she loves so purely!  We can’t imagine any other human being receiving as many kisses per day as she receives!  During spring, summer and fall, we make it a point to take Meghan outside at least once per day on a walk and spend additional time in our backyard.  We have a simple white statue of Our Blessed Mother in our backyard facing our home, adorned with surrounding flowers.  It is the perfect quiet place of refreshment to read and reflect on the daily scripture and prayers. We pray for all those that have asked for our prayers and for all of you that continue to keep our family in prayer.  We are extremely grateful for your 12 years of prayer!  It has sustained us in a way that ONLY prayer can do.

The absolute highlight of this past year was Meghan’s 14th birthday. Meghan was granted a Make-A-Wish! We went on our very first family vacation! I have to admit that the anticipation built was almost as explosive as the actual trip. Our Family of six, along with two of Meghan’s incredible nurses, spent four nights in downtown Chicago! Mike drove a rented accessible van with Meghan, Shannon and her nurses, while I followed behind with Lauren and Michael. Both vehicles were loaded down with luggage and a massive amount of medical equipment. The trip was filled with nothing shy of sheer excitement and generosity of many who made Meghan’s wish come true. The hotel rolled out the red carpet for Meghan. Her bed was next to the window so she could see the sky and moon.

We spent our first day at Shedd Aquarium, which was on the top of Meghan’s list, as she loves sea creatures. Meghan was all smiles as the staff anticipated her arrival and treated her to many gifts and tons of special attention! We also took her to restaurants, took fabulous walks downtown to see the skyscrapers, shops, horses and feel the night air. On her actual birthday, she was granted a shopping spree! The Disney store allowed Meghan to arrive before the store opened so she would be able to shop without anyone else in the store. They made a huge fuss over Meghan and gave her a gift card to pick out many different Disney items. The next stop was Build-A-Bear, one of Meghan’s favorites. They let her pick out a bear and a dog with all the accessories! Meghan smiles when she likes something, so she was able to pick out whatever brought her joy! Many other stops realized that we were on a Make-A-Wish excursion and showered Meghan with gifts and attention. It was priceless as we watched Meghan soak up the LOVE!

As much as gifts were fun for Meghan, an extremely special moment was when we attended Mass at Holy Name Cathedral.  I had called ahead of time so they were expecting our family. At the end of Mass, before the final blessing, the priest called our family to the front of the church (which was a surprise to us).  He introduced us and told the congregation about the Miracle of Meghan’s life. Before you knew it everyone began to cry and they arose to their feet and gave Meghan a standing ovation!!!!! Tears ran down our faces! The choir led them in singing happy birthday and the priest gave Meghan a blessing! Jesus delighted our family!

As we reflect back on the past 14 years of Meghan’s life, it remains ever so clear that God, especially during overwhelming circumstances, protects us with His strength when we are weakest.  One example resonates often in my mind. I recall fear shivering down my spine, lying on the floor, crying profusely when Meghan first became ill. How was it that Meghan continued to stop breathing so often?  The Cross, so heavy, that the thought of not ever standing again was very present.  I didn’t have the strength.  I begged for God’s mercy, that He carry our family to a place of peace.
’m not sure why I tell you this now. But, I pray before I write an update.  Perhaps as you read these words, it is really Jesus’ words.  That today you need to be reminded to place your trust in God the Father, to beg for His Mercy, to know how much you are loved and that He will never, abandoned you. When you are on the floor begging, know that He will wrap you in His loving arms, lift you, so that you can go out into the world and sing His praises! 
Meghan’s sister Shannon has also hit the ground running as she is now an active pro-life speaker as well. We have had several opportunities to speak together as a mother-daughter team! We just LOVE this ministry that God has called us to. Lastly, if you know of any schools, colleges, pro-life groups, churches or conferences in or out of the state of Michigan that need a pro-life speaker, please contact me (Ellen) by clicking the “Email the Family” tab at the top of Meghan’s homepage or by messaging me on Facebook. We hope you enjoyed reading this update!  To view the photos of the Make a Wish trip, click here.

God Bless Each and Every One of You,

Ellen, Mike, Lauren, Michael, Shannon and Meghan Salter

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