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January 21, 2006

Welcome to all of the new visitors to Meghan’s website.   We invite you to navigate through the site and learn a more about Meghan and the entire Salter family.  You will be inspired by her journey, as well as her will to live.  Meghan’s journey is one of tears, faith, hope and an immense amount of love.  Thank you to Right To Life of Michigan for telling Meghan’s story via the bulletin insert that will be distributed through the end of January. 

We all have times in which we are “down” during the coldest, darkest time of the year.  For our family, these days bring back memories of when Meghan was first getting sick and required many ambulance trips and survival flights to the hospital.  Each week during the winter brings about an “anniversary” of some sort: an anniversary of her first trip to Beaumont Hospital, an anniversary of her first, second, third and fourth survival flights to U of M Hospital, the anniversary of major test results findings, of EEG’s, MRI’s, CT scans, etc., etc.  Whenever Ellen and I get down, we simply turn to God and ask for the peace in which only He can provide.  The next time you are down in the dumps, think of Meghan and what she endures daily; then, ask for God’s peace.  I can guarantee you that you will feel better and that your troubles will be minimized.  Meghan is simply happy for her next breath.  She is a saint, enduring much and asking for nothing in return. 

Some in society look at Meghan as imperfect.  “Pull the plug,” they say—in the name of compassion.   “End her suffering,” others may say.  Whose suffering would “pulling the plug” end?  The person who pulls the plug? The insurance companies?  One thing we know for sure, Meghan is perfect in God’s eyes.  All that she has suffered is offered up in union with Christ’s sufferings.  Her life is invaluable to us, but more importantly—to God.  She is truly a saint, not capable of being stained by sin. 

Meghan radiates immense joy by just being alive.  She loves to snuggle and be held close by her sisters, brother, parents, grand-parents, and other loved ones.  We pray together, play together and include Meghan in as many things within her capabilities.  Her smile melts your heart.  Her life humbles us daily, but strengthens our faith in God. We continue to update the website so we can share her beauty with others.

Meghan has not experienced any medical changes during the past few months.  Her biggest changes have been from external sources.  We are in desperate need of night shift nurses.  Meghan is approved for two-eight hour shift of nurses per day, but with the nursing shortages, we rarely get full coverage.  A shortage of night nurses has run its toll on Ellen and me, as well as Meghan’s Aunts Carol and Liz.    The month of December was toughest with 60% of the nights spent without nursing help.  Carol and Liz, who love Meghan dearly, have been a Godsend to our family with their altruistic dedication to helping with Meghan’s care.  Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts! 

Another big change is that Meghan has started “school”.  That is, a teacher from the local school district comes into our house a few days a week to give Meghan lessons.  Her lessons include music, reading and interactive play.  Her teacher is wonderful and Meghan enjoys her time spent in “school”.

To everyone that is reading this update, we are asking for your assistance:  If you know of any nurses in the Dearborn area, please ask them if they are interested in helping us with a night shift or two per week.  Maybe you have an aunt, cousin, friend, or neighbor that is a nurse and may be interested.  Although dependent on a ventilator, Meghan is stable.  Even if the nurse has not had any ventilator training or experience, any nurse can be trained on the vent.  Believe me, if I can learn the ventilator, a nurse will have no problem!  Please have any interested nurses email us by clicking the “Email Meghan’s Family” link from the homepage and we can arrange for them to meet Meghan and see her set up.  Most of our nurses were found via networking, so please ask nurses you know for their help!  Thank you for taking the time to assist us in our search for nurses!

We want to conclude this update with a great big THANK YOU to all who have helped support our family with meals, cards, visits, gifts and most of all—prayers.  Your support helps uplift our spirits and sustain us when times get rough. Feel free to email us.  We’d love to hear from you! 

Take a moment at this time to say a prayer for Meghan and for all sick children.

Mike & Ellen Salter

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