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January 11, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

We do hope this letter greets you with fond Christmas memories of time spent with those you love.  Our family had an incredible Christmas season, blessed with much peace and joy. 

Our deepest gratitude for your continued prayers for our family.  As you know, Meghan has had a year filled with many physical challenges.  However, through the Grace of God’s unfailing love, Meghan has again overcome many “Medical” obstacles.

After Meghan’s last spinal surgery, she developed a very serious infection in her lower back. After the second surgery to remove the infected area, Meghan spent eight more long days in the hospital.  We finally returned home with Meghan only to have to re-admit her a week later, as she was far from improving.  She was experiencing a rapid heart rate, fevers, and was swollen from head to toe.  The infection and antibiotics caused many other complications, which caused much discomfort and pain for little Meghan.  We returned to U of M a third time and after spending a few hours with the Infectious Disease (ID) team we decided to admit Meghan again to have her doctors keep a closer eye on her.  We returned home four days later trained to care for a PIC line that had been placed for in her arm but started to become infected after a few weeks.  Many tears were shed by our family watching Meghan go through all of this. We made two more ER visits and about 4 additional appointments. We were hoping to be off the antibiotics sooner but Meghan needed more time to rid of the infection.  Therefore, she continued being treated with heavy doses of antibiotics. After approximately 10 weeks, Meghan was finally “infection free.” The ID Doctors cautioned us that infections like this can re-occur within two months or so.  We ask you to pray that Meghan’s infection does not resurface.  We keep such a close eye on Meghan and remain in constant prayer for our little girl. 

Lauren, Michael and Shannon continue to be great witnesses for Christ.  Michael and Shannon started new schools this fall. This was decided mid summer. They have adjusted remarkably well.  Meghan adores her siblings so much and it is great fun to watch them all love each other as they do. The kids came to the hospital every evening, missing their little sister and praying for her return.  It is only in times of suffering that truly receive a glimpse of Christ’s suffering on the cross.  The quiet, contemplative time Jesus spent hanging on the cross, reminds us of the contemplative life Meghan lives, suffering for souls, quietly yet with a heart generous enough to do God’s will.  Her continued “yes” provides us with knowing there is so much depth to the work God is doing through this little disciple.  We are certainly not privileged to know all that God is calling her to do, but we do know that God is blessing our family in ways that we could never express into words.    

Thank you again for remembering us in prayer. We realize it may be difficult for you to comprehend how appreciative we are to all of you for your continued support.  Eight years have gone by since God gave us the gift of Meghan….and it is God’s love that sustains us for sure.  But, He also places many people in our path to help us carry our heavy cross.  Be assured you are remembered in our daily prayers.  And a thank you to the flood of calls and requests we receive to offer prayers to those in need.  It is our pleasure and a humbling gift, which you would entrust us with your prayer requests.  Please always feel free to ask for our prayers and we promise to whisper them into Meghan’s ear. May God Bless you always.

The Salter Family
Mike, Ellen, Lauren, Michael, Shannon, Meghan

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