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 Make a Wish Pictures
cousins MikeEllen&Meghan Shannon reading to Meghan
Meghan celebrating Easter with her cousins. Meghan with her dad and mom on her 15th birthday. Older sister, Shannon, reads a birthday card to Meghan.
Grandma & MEghan family kids and Meghan
Meghan gets a blessing from her Grandma. Meghan poses with her wonderful family. Meghan gets kisses from her siblings.
Michael&Meghan Lauren and Meghan Aunt Carol & Meghan
Brother, Michael, buys a special t-shirt for Meghan. Lauren displays the pretty sweater she bought for Meghan. Aunt Carol loves to read to Meghan. Now she has new books to read!
Meghan's birthday Meghan and Ellen MikeEllenSteveMeg
Meghan is all smiles during her birthday celebration. Meghan and her beautiful mom, Ellen. Steve Warden stops buy to say hello.
4th of July parade 4th of July parade - Mike and Meghan  
Meghan enjoys participating in the Northville 4th of July Parade. Meghan stays cool under the colorful umbrella at the parade!  

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