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  Meghan's Tenth Birthday
banana split cake Cake Lady and Meghan Meghan's grand entrance
Banana split Sunday cake!! Too pretty to eat.... but we did! After all, it was an ice cream birthday party. The talented Lisa, owner of Lisa's Cake Designs in Belleville, MI, donated the incredible banana split Sunday cake. Thank you Lisa! That was so generous. Her website is lisascakedesigns.webnode.com Meghan makes a grand entrance to her 10th birthday party.
firefighters & guests Ymmy menu Tent full of guests
The Dearborn Firefighters and EMS paid a visit for Meghan's special 10th birthday. What a wonderful surprise for the guests!! A delicious menu was served! Yummy. Notice the many birthday cards on the top part of the wall. Thanks to sll who sent them. Guests gather under the tent to share in the fun, camaraderie and especially celebration of Meghan's 10 years of life.
Meghan and friend Jim & Pat Thomas Lockwoods & Tomeo
Meghan and her friend, Jonathan, enjoy the party. Jim & Pat Thomas, Meghan's grandparents, pose with Meghan. Mary Lockwood shares a laugh with Teresa Tomeo, her husband Dominick and John Lockwood.
Uncle Joe singing Shannon, Meghan and Ellen Meghan eating ice cream
Uncle Joe sings "Basking in the Love of Jesus", a song he wrote for Meghan. Beautiful girls Shannon and Meghan with
their Mom, Ellen.
Ice cream! My favorite!!
Meghan loved the party Bobby Schindler  
I loved the party! Thank you to all who shared in the celebration, sent a card, sent birthday wishes or said a prayer. It all was genuinely appreciated. God bless you! Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo, who passed away from a court ordered dehydration in March 2005, pays a visit to Meghan.  

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