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Meghan Marie Salter

Meghan Marie Salter was born completely healthy on October 16, 2002. Within a few months her health began to quickly deteriorate. She suffered multiple seizures and physical collapses requiring several Survival Flights. Soon Meghan could not physically move, eat or breathe on her own. At five months old, she was given a tracheostomy and placed on a ventilator that allowed her to breathe. By six months old, a feeding tube was surgically placed into Meghan's stomach to provide daily nourishment. Additionally, after a full week of testing at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the doctors declared Meghan "a medical mystery." She is totally dependent upon medical equipment, doctors and nurses, her loving family, and the grace of God for her very life. Meghan remains undiagnosed and is now thirteen years old and living at home in Dearborn, Michigan.

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